Matthew Kalman and Matt Rees discuss and read from DeltaFourth’s ebook PSYCHOBIBI: Who is Israel’s Prime Minister and Why Does He Want to Fail? Benjamin Netanyahu, the man often portrayed as an extremist, is really just locked in a deep psychological battle with the ghosts of his tough father and golden brother. The result: Bibi’s driven to succeed, so long as he can always get it wrong in the end. Confused? You won’t be. Not after you’ve met Psychobibi. Hard-hitting and irreverent, incisive and hardboiled, DeltaFourth eviscerates the myth behind the man everyone loves to hate.

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Introducing Journalism Special Forces

This podcast is about our new alternative news project. One half of DeltaFourth, Matt Rees, reads from THE MURDER OF YASSER ARAFAT, the first explosive ebook from DeltaFourth. The ebook reveals how Yasser Arafat was murdered by people in his inner circle. It’s the prototype for DeltaFourth’s forthcoming series of long-form journalistic ebooks — stunning breaking news written in a hard-boiled novelistic style that responds to the excitement of the events it describes.

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