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Where Delta Force meets the Fourth Estate. The Special Forces of Journalism.

Matthew Kalman. Keeps a hip flask with his cufflinks, a sheepskin in the closet, a pretty woman around the house. Owns a damned big dog. Don’t knock.
Matt Rees. Drinks Montalcino red. Sleeps with a blonde. Jit-kun-do for punching and yoga for balance.

D4 are award-winning journalists, and award-winning novelists. D4 has almost sixty years of combined journalism experience. As writers for Time, Newsweek, The Independent, The Scotsman, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Jerusalem Report, Ha’aretz, The Jerusalem Post, The Toronto Globe & Mail, Men’s Journal, The New York Daily News, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, MIT Technology Review, The San Francisco Chronicle. But it’s more fun doing it this way. The D4 Way.

Hard-hitting reporting. Hardboiled writing. No funky boss.